Thursday, December 1, 2011

WOW I get to pay for nothing!

So the full on Comcast digital swap has happened. Any channels you could once get by simply plugging your cable into the back of your TV have now gone digital and you need either one of their fancy pants boxes or a digital adapter.
To make this transition "easier" Comcast has taken it upon their "good" graces to supply one free Digital Converter Box and TWO, yes you heard me TWO, free digital adapters!
I mean seriously how can you complain when a company is offering TWO FREE digital adapters?!!!?!??!? HOW YOU SAY?!
Well let me fill you in on how this new digital system works. You sign up for extended basic or even economy. With this package you get from 2 to about comedy central. Its a cheaper package, not much fluff, and reasonably priced. So you plug in your digital equipment and call in an activation. You scan through the digital box and see, "yup heres the package I'm paying for". You then stroll up to the digital adapter... "WTF MATE! Wheres my comedy central IM PAYING FOR!".
Well the TWO FREE digital adapters ONLY supply you with general basic.... BASIC! Channel 2 through 25! So in order to get all the channels your paying for you NEED to order another box at 8$ a pop. So if you have 3 TVs like most people have then thats 16$ + tax, almost 20$ on top of what your paying to get what your ALREADY paying for! This is unacceptable. Congress needs to step in and do something here. You should not have to pay for more things you never previously needed in order to "get what your already paying for".
The cable companies try to swindle the lines about "ohhhhh you get on demand and digital channels", fuck off! I dont use on demand and only care about my average channels. This is ridiculous. Either supply me with more free boxes so I can get what Im paying for or make one box that can supply multiple tvs at once.
This wouldnt be so bad if you could also buy your own converter box.

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